Working within a library in the Canterbury & Fairfield areas you will show support to these students helping them to find the answers to their homework. You aren't expected to do the work for them but to guide, mentor and support them to find the answers themselves. The focus is helping children K-6 covering subjects Maths, English & Science.You will have a fairly solid educational background yourself, good grammar and mathematical knowledge and know your way around a computer. Ideally you will enjoy building relationships and trust with the students and be the sort of person that really enjoys this level of interaction. The position would suit someone who is currently tutoring and would like more hours or someone who is currently studying a degree to become a teacher. Alternatively you may have retired from teaching but would still like to continue to continue your passion a few hours a week.Please note that there are multiple roles available at different locations.Email your resume to or alternatively you can call me on 8116 4706 Australia - NSW Sydney South West & M5 Corridor

The job you're looking for is no longer available.